About Inercia.com Located in Barcelona, Spain

It all started back in the middle of 2005 when three entrepreneurs, Xavi, Matthias and Carles, thought about the possibility of opening a skate shop, both in Barcelona, and online. Their main drive and motivation came from their frustration at not being able to get the skating gear that they needed from any skate shop in Spain.

About Rollerstore located in Zaragoza, Spain

Rollerstore is a store based in the north east of Spain specialising in Skateboarding. They have a wide range of products and describe themselves as skaters first and store-owners second. Buy from Rollerstore.es by clicking on their logo above or in store.

About Trends.GI

Trends is located in Gibraltar and pitches itself as a fashion store. Not only can you get the latest fashion from Trends but jump onto the best all year round Sledging expirience possible. Shop at Trends in store or by clicking the logo above.

Shop Eighteen in Merano, Italy

Shop Eighteen is located at: Number 5, Via Carducci in the city of Merano. They are a brick and mortar retailer, Pay a visit! 

About Honzovy Longboardy located in Prague, Czech Republic

Located in the Centre of Prague Honzovy Longboardy offers a wide choice of action sports products including longboards, scooters and protective gear. Shop at Honzovy in Prague or online by clicking the link above

About Retrobrusle.cz located in Jablonec, Czech Republic

Retrobrusle is a skate shop located in the North East of Czech Republic. They have been run since 2012 with a simple mission: Love, peace and 4 nylon wheels. Purchase from Retrobrusle.cz by clicking the logo above.

About Sport 2000 Located in Sallanches, France

Sport 2000 is a french Ski Hire store that also stocks action sports equipment. Shop at Sport 2000 by clicking the logo above


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