Street Sledge Boards

The original Street Sledge, easy to use and quick to learn. From the minds of a team of top skaters and designed from real life experience, Street Sledge turns the smallest slope  into an action packed adventure playground. Grab your board, grab your friends and prepare to race and explore on a street sledge. Street Sledge is the evolution of a go-kart and winter sledge combined! With an affordable price point and a safe design the team aim to bring safe gravity sports to a wider audience. Street sledge is designed to replicate the high adrenaline feeling of gravity sports in a safe manner for all audiences. Age range: 6+ 

Year round sledging on our specially designed board

The original street sledge is unique: nothing has been released like this yet. It's simple fun designed to bring safe gravity sports for all

Innovative Design

Street Sledge is completely new and designed for task: it's packed full of safety features: Wheel flares over the wheels to protect the riders hands and hair from the board, Easy carry handles which double up as grips giving you more control over the board and adjustable trucks to suit different rider weights from tots to grown ups. The pan like design of the board keeps the rider held on through bends and jumps.

Colour Range

Street Sledge comes in four different colours: Green rocket with black wheels, Blue lighting with red wheels, Purple Haze with green wheels and Black jack with orange wheels. All are made from our secret formula with RKP trucks. Why Plastic? When Street Sledge was designed we had a revolutionary shape in our minds that would not be possible with any other material than the one we created. It is like no other product: a modern day go kart safe for all.